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Pioneer(Dalian)Automation Instrument Co.,Ltd

Pioneer(Dalian)Automation Instrument Co.,Ltd


Pioneer(Dalian)Automation Instrument Co.,Ltd
About Us
Pioneer Instrument is an ISO9001 quality certified company specializing in the design and manufacture of a proprietary range of Gas turbine flowmeter liquid turbine impeller flowmeter vortex flowmeter magnetic flowmeter and dedicated electronic flow instrumentation Moreover We agenting Germany brand KROHNE flow meter The meters measure the flow of clean liquids and are produced in a wide variety of materials and configurations to suit most markets including the food chemical cosmetic ink pharmaceutical paint petroleum and additive industries Now the sanitary instruments include sanitary turbine flowmeter sanitary magnetic flowmeter and sanitary temperature pressure sensors Our aim is to...

Categories and Products

Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Turbine Flow Meter

Vortex Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Variable Area Flow Meter

Level Meter

Krohne Flow Meter

Krohne Level Meter

Pressure Gauge

Thermoelectric Couple

Products Keywords
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